Evosec deliver a broad range of organisational risk management and security services.
organisational security

Policy Development

Evosecs team of risk managers have extensive experience developing and implementing security policies in organisations across a wide range of services and industries. These policies develop the framework for risk reduction across all aspects of the organisation.

Evosec conduct extensive risk assessments, organisational analysis and focus on operational footprints and the risk faced. This allows our team to produce specific policies that define how an organisation responds to security issues that may arise.

Structure Development

Internal security structures allow organisations to handle a multitude of issues and crisis as they arise. Evosecs goal is to develop internal capacity to allow for the management and resolution of incidents quickly and efficiently.

Strong internal security systems allow for reporting, incident management, crisis management and operational planning to be conducted in a streamlined and structured manner.

Evosec provide support services at all levels of organisational security structures as well as auditing and review services to ensure that these systems are maintained at the highest level.

Procedures and Training

Developing internal capacity, both organizationally and individually, allows our clients to reduce risks across their entire operational footprint. Evosec conduct a broad range of training programmes that are specifically developed around our clients needs. 

Evosecs procedure development services focus on reducing risks and are operationally focused. We liaise with external security services, internal staff and security systems currently in place to develop world class systems and procedures for our clients.

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